Survey on User Interface Simplification

Survey Purpose
Have you ever used a software application and felt that its user interface offers bloated features that you do not need?
The user interface needs of software users vary according to multiple factors. Yet in many cases software designers do not take this variation into consideration. User interfaces can be made smarter through automated tailoring to each user's role and tasks. The purpose of this survey is to user-test a simplification mechanism that we devised.

Please note that this survey is not meant to assess you as a person, it is only meant to ask about your opinion regarding user interfaces.
The data you provide will be completely anonymous.
If you agree to take part of this survey feel free to withdraw at any point.

Survey Structure & Instructions
Participants are kindly requested to fill a few general information questions, which will help the survey in fulfilling its purpose.
Afterwards, participants will be asked to perform a simple task using a pair of user interfaces.
The two interfaces are different versions of the same user interface.
Participants are kindly requested to evaluate each of the two versions through a set of 10 rating questions.

Please note that you could access this page later on from within the questionnaire by clicking on the help button.